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By Víctor del Álamo
Detail of pines surrounding the Green 14.

Sancti Petri Hills Golf, is a magnificent 18 holes Golf Course located next to the Barrosa beach in Chiclana de la Frontera, Cadiz, occupying a total area of 40 hectares.

This is a wonderful Project perfectly integrated into the old existing Atlantic pine forest on the original farm, in this manner is the pine, the most characteristic dominant tree species both in general area as the route of the golf course, existing along the same, pines of a really impressive size.

We also find Alcornoques, Araucarias, Whasintonias, Palm hearts, Weeping Willows, and a big etc., that will delight both the player and the fauna in the course.

Set of pines at the bottom of the Green 2
Pine forest on the Fairway 4

Sancti Petri Hills Golf has a sprinkler system managed by a computer program and meteorogical station last generation that allows a huge optimizing the efficiency of water applied to the golf course in each irrigation.

In this high efficiency in the application or irrigation water also plays an important role the existence of a complex net of drainage along with the spectacular molding carried all the way, in addition to the delight of the players, it is also responsible for all rainwater ways and surplus supply to existing lakes and estuaries so that excess water is stored and then reused in subsequent irrigations.

The water used to irrigate the course comes entirely from the reserves obtained by storing rainwater a supply by the Wastewater Treatment Plant (E.D.A.R. LA BARROSA), which is essentially required in summer, period in which rainfall is virtually nil.

The criteria for the choice of the species “cespitosas” that shape the different zones of game of the golf course have been realized bringing together the respect for the environment with the sports requirements that this zones have to fulfill.

In tees, fairways y roughs we have cynodon dactylon Princess 77.

This is a hybrid variety, warm weather and high density and fine texture. Noted for its tolerance to drought, require 30% less water than other existing and being very resistant to pests and diseases which greatly minimizes the need for phytosanitary applications for maintenance varieties.

It is the most important “cepitosa C4”. It resists long periods of drought, and withstands trampling, also has many runners so their hiding power is great. During the winter, when the temperature of 8-10º C, becomes dormant losing color and stunting their growth, giving the course particularly attractive characteristic of the coldest months.

The existing species in greens and antegreens is Agrostis stolonifera, L-93 variety in the first and Seaside II in the seconds.

The L-93 is a superior Stonolifera Agrostis grown in greens of the best golf courses around the world for being very dark, dense and aggressive, with excellent characteristics in Winter hardiness, good density in summer, leaf texture fine, set up rapidly creating a dense vertical growth areas for proper movement of the ball, holding Green leaf color in Winter and spring greening, resistant to Brown patch and dollar spot, greatly reducing the use of fungicides and other pesticides.

In Sancti Petri Hills Golf we have an important wildlife; in some cases residents throughout the year and in others, species that visit us only in summer.

In every case, the fauna resident in the course, transmit tranquility to feel safe and secure from discomfort and overall the golf course is the area most favorable for observation at close range without showing fear and flight instinct would expect.

During the way is very common to find partridge’s flocks common here not take flight because they feel safe and do not flee the player.

In the holes 16 and 17 is very common to see during the year a colony of Lesser Kestrels.
Have there their hunting and nest every year on existing pines.
Couple of mallards.

On the shores of the many lakes there is a great quantity of aquatic birds such us mallards, coots, herons and egrets birds and is very common to see them in breeding season with their broods in any of the lakes of the course.

In the holes 9, 10 , 11 and 12 there is a colony of woodpeckers (woodpecker) that have made this holes habitually resident found so comfortable that it is easy to observe without showing the slightest fear.

The entire Surface of the Golf Course, in any holes, has the rabbit as ordinarily resident. They are easy to see early in the morning or late in the afternoon, but in any case their presence is easily sensed by his habit of scratching and gnawing platforms tees, with a special predilection for the 12th hole.

conejos campo de golf

In Sancti Petri Hills Golf we are committed to include environmental and quality management in the development of our activities: management and maintenance of the golf course, selling green fees, sale and rental golf equipment, development of training courses, tournaments and catering (bar and restaurant); based on the following principles:

  • Prevent pollution, considering environmental issues that may cause negative effects on the environment, such as the use of pesticides.
  • Reduce the use of products that may cause harm to the environment.
  • Take necessary measures to ensure compliance with the legal requirements applicable to all activities and services, as well as other requirements to which the organization is submitted.
  • Conduct a rational use of natural resources, especially water used for irrigation of the golf course, from the EDAR La Barrosa, as well as energy and raw materials used.
  • Define and periodically review the objectives and targets set in compliance with this policy, in the process of continuous improvement of the system.
  • Solve a flexible, efficient and friendly complaints and inquiries from our customers, analyzing this and any other information relating to the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Manage adequately the waste generated by the activities, performing “in situ” their separation and removal by authorized for the case of hazardous waste managers.
  • Disseminate and communicate this policy to the stakeholders, raising awareness among workers respect for the environment and compliance with quality requirements, enhancing their training and level of responsibility and involvement in these areas.
  • Awareness of customers and users spreading the value and necessity of protecting the environment.
  • Promote a culture of respect for the environment in the organization.
  • Promote the involvement of suppliers and subcontractors working for the organization to apply to their operations and environmental preventive measures consistent with those adopted by the organization quality and equivalents.

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