Chiquipark in Sancti Petri: Learn by playing

The children´s activities of the workshops are developed either inside the marquee and on the green area, always under monitors´ control. Children would enjoy a new space where they could learn and, what´s more important, get along with another children, playing and complementing their training.

All of the above is the main task of Tartessus Park which, although they have been preparing this project for no more than one year, already offers both parents and children the chance of enjoying countless educational and playful activities. 150 METRES FROM OUR GOLF COURSE.

chiquipark chiclana
Town: Chiclana de la Frontera
Address: Tartessus Center – Carretera de la Loma de Sancti Petri, s/n
Phone: 697 643 380 / 636 918 419
Oppening Hours: de 08.00 horas a 00.00 horas (de lunes a domingo)
Playground sort: Workshops
jugando en chiquipark

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